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Aeromotive, a manufacturer of aftermarket fuel systems and accessories, has developed universal PTFE fuel lines and hose ends to be used in a wide variety of applications. Related Articles - Summit Racing 2700 Series 92mm Turbochargers - IRD Racing “Rated R” Blow Through Custom Carburetor - Summit Racing SPC Engine Block

The new PTFE fuel lines and hose ends provide superior resistance to harsh fuels such as gasoline, E-85 ethanol, methanol and other racing fuels compared to traditional nitrile rubber hose as well as a more professional finish. Ranging from -60 degrees to more than 200 degrees Celsius, PTFE carries a wide temperature tolerance, making it the best choice for any application facing extreme conditions. Unlike rubber fuel line, PTFE acts as a vapor barrier to prevent fuel odors from permeating and provides protection against any static electricity buildup with a built-in carbonized liner. Metal Hose Pipe

Aeromotive PTFE Fuel Lines and Hose Ends - Engine Builder Magazine

Aeromotive’s PTFE fuel lines come in three diameters — AN-06, AN-08 and AN-10 — and in four lengths from 4 to 20 feet. PTFE hose ends are available in four sizes — AN-06, AN-08, AN-10 and AN-12 — and as straight-fitting, 45-degree, 90-degree and 180-degree ends (180-degree ends for AN-08 only). 

The Aeromotive PTFE fuel lines are available in braided stainless steel and black-jacketed, braided stainless steel for superior strength and a professional finish. For more information:

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Aeromotive PTFE Fuel Lines and Hose Ends - Engine Builder Magazine

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