23 Bathroom Vanity Ideas To Elevate Your Storage Space

From color to hardware to cabinets, get inspired by these bathroom vanity ideas.

Dane Tashima; Styling by Raina Kattelson Round Tables

23 Bathroom Vanity Ideas To Elevate Your Storage Space

In almost any bathroom, the vanity serves as a focal point as soon as you walk in. Not only is it an important functional element for storage and sink use, but it can also spearhead the style and aesthetic of the entire space. From bold paint and hardware to unique cabinetry and countertops, your bathroom vanity can speak to your personal style. Check out these bathroom vanity ideas, from main bathrooms to small bathrooms and powder rooms, to inspire your bathroom design.

It's no secret that Southerners love the scalloped look, and this stunning yellow vanity from the 2022 Southern Living Idea House incorporates a charming scallop design for a lovely vintage feel.

Bathroom vanities and the mirrors above them go hand-in-hand, and this bathroom by designer Fran Chaiprakob makes sure to match the colors of the mirror and vanity to make a cohesive, professional look in the space.

Brie Williams; Styling: Kendra Surface

For a more unique take on a double sink vanity, go for one long sink instead of two smaller ones to give your bathroom a true farmhouse feel.

If you're looking for a moody aesthetic for your bathroom, a dark green is a great option for a vanity color. The richness of the dark shade matches well with black and gold features to make for a cohesive, bold room.

Brie Williams  Styling: Jennifer Berno Decleene

Some designers have declared that pink is the new neutral, and we couldn't agree more. This bathroom vanity uses a darling shade of light pink to make for a bright, feminine space perfect for any girly girl.

A dark wood stain adds an element of sophistication to furniture, and this bathroom vanity from the 2021 Southern Living Idea House uses a dark cocoa brown color on the wood to get that refined effect.

Don't be afraid to experiment with motif designs on your vanities. These seafoam green vanities by Oomph were hand painted by Madison Mauck of Mauck Made Art to make a bold, artful statement in the main bathroom of the 2022 Southern Living Idea House.

For a charming, breezy look, choose a wicker vanity. In the 2022 Southern Living Idea House on the coast of North Carolina, designer Charlotte Harris Lucas updated a retrofitted vintage wicker vanity with a coat of paint to make a charming statement in the guest bathroom.

Photo: Marta Xochilt Perez; Styling: Page Mullins

For a smaller vanity, adding a decorative frame around the countertop is a great, cost-effective way to create a unique visual element to the space.


Bathrooms are the perfect place in your home to go bold, and this bathroom with a gorgeous rich teal vanity matching the wainscoting on the wall takes that to heart.

Storage is key in having a clean bathroom, and this vanity features slots meant for towels that displays them in a neat, organized fashion.

It's hard to go wrong with a light gray color in the bathroom, and this bathroom uses a beautiful, understated gray shade for a calming vanity that emphasizes the view from the windows.

Navy blue is a color that has yet to go out of style, and this bathroom vanity uses a dark navy for a sophisticated and refined look in the space.

With a double vanity, picking the right cabinetry is important in making the bathroom look put-together. This vanity uses a mirroring technique on the cabinets so there is perfect symmetry.

For a classic, vintage farmhouse feel, use a long curtain under your sink to cover up any storage in the vanity.

Wood is a safe option for almost any bathroom vanity, and this one from Suzie Williams' Houston home is a stunning distressed wood with long cabinets for classic, homey look.

Wood vanities don't have to be perfectly smooth. This wood bathroom vanity from the 2018 Southern Living Idea House has unique accents carved into the drawers for an interesting and understated visual element in the space.

Patterns don't have to be saved for your walls and towels. This bathroom vanity uses a herringbone pattern on the cabinets to make a subtle yet eye-catching look in the space.

With multiple people sharing a bathroom, personal space is imperative for a workable space. In this guest bathroom from the 2021 Southern Living Idea House, the vanity has six small cabinets instead of fewer, larger ones to allow for more personal uses.

Sky blue is one of the most popular paint colors in homes around the world, and for good reason — it's a perfect way to incorporate color into your home while still maintaining a natural, agreeable look. This bathroom vanity uses a lovely light blue shade to add a soft color into the neutral palette.

Wood isn't the only material you can use for your vanity. This bathroom vanity uses a retro-inspired material to make a unique statement among the bright space.

Hardware is an easy, cost-effective way to change up your bathroom vanity to make it more unique. On this vanity, ring pulls were used instead of typical handles for an interesting, bold look.

Take the opportunity of getting extra creative in your bathroom by incorporating bold colors, like this bright neon yellow bathroom vanity.

23 Bathroom Vanity Ideas To Elevate Your Storage Space

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