24 Best Coffee Mugs 2024 - Cool Mugs to Use at Home

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Whether you're an elite coffee brewer or a Keurig stan, you need a mug collection worthy of your caffeine. Best Vacuum Flask

24 Best Coffee Mugs 2024 - Cool Mugs to Use at Home

One of the most fun things you can do on the internet is shop, naturally, and the experience is made all the better when you're building a collection—a collection of anything. That means you can pretty much always be on the low-key lookout, and buy only when you find something that suits you perfectly. And, honestly, the high you get from curating a collection of cool coffee mugs is robust enough to be considered a hobby.

Does collecting coffee mugs feel geriatric? Sure. Does it matter? Not at all. Those work-from-home mornings are a lot more enjoyable, luxurious even, when you have a coffee mug that makes your morning feel slow and peaceful. Especially while sitting in your corner chair and brewing out of some fancy coffee machine. Investing in items that feel special (and we actually use) is worth all the time, attention, and money we're willing to spend on it.

Coffee mugs are part of the experience of drinking coffee, as essential as the roast and brew. Maybe you prefer making a fancy matcha or relaxing teas at night. Those beverages are welcome in these mugs, too. Whether you're a coffee-brewing pro (read more on becoming one here) or you're just looking for a vessel without any chips in it, we've rounded up the 24 best—and best-looking—mugs for at-home coffee, tea, and other hot beverages of your choosing.

Ember makes the OG temperature-controlled mug, and we have been raving about it for years. You can pair it to the app on your phone and control the temperature to your heart's desire. No more coffees gone cold.

If you don't want to pay $100+ for an electric temperature regulating mug, YETI's best in class insulation will pretty much do the same job.

A Big Ole Mug for when I'm sucking that shit down like a big rig driver carrying a truckload from Oklahoma City to Los Angeles.

A great souvenir to remind yourself of that one time you stood in a 45-minute line for some coffee on the Upper East Side.

Get a set to patch the rest of your Le Creuset cookware, or buy them all in different colors for a little bit of controlled chaos. Either way, you'll be living your French countryside dream every morning.

Low on space? Try getting a bigger place. If that's not in the cards, try downsizing your mug cabinet with Our Place's tidy little stackable mugs.

Made In gets its dinnerware manufactured in Stoke-on-Trent, which is one of England's famous old hotspots for china. These are hard-waring coffee mugs that won't chip or fade from now until the day you die.

These give you the look and feel of homemade ceramic mugs, but you don't actually have to know a local ceramicist to get them.

For those that just don't really rock with ceramics from an aesthetic or sensory standpoint, how about a glass mug? Williams Sonoma makes a double-walled set that regulates temperature reasonably well and looks damn beautiful on your side table.

If you want your glassware to be a bit more eye catching, these are your mugs.

If the team over at One of These Days produced a presidential candidate, I'd vote for them in a heartbeat. The coolest brand in American streetwear.

You'll never summit Everest, but a titanium mug can make you feel like you will. Get the Snow Peak backpacking coffee kit for the full backcountry pour-over setup.

I mean, all national parks are cool, but Joshua Tree has got to be the coolest.

Franca NYC is known for cool ceramics that are all handmade in Brooklyn. They're the kind of mugs to stock up on over the years—to gift and to keep.

The thing about getting really into mugs, which I am, is that not all mugs are meant for the same beverage. Partial to making at-home lattes? An oversized mug keeps the froth optimally housed.

Hawkins New York makes great sets of kitchen essentials that are pretty, well-made, and easy to commit to. This essential mug set is made in a few neutral tones, which you can pair with the rest of the drink and dinnerware.

New to ceramics but trying to get involved? East Fork is the way to go. The styles are simple but cool, often presented in earthy, color-blocked designs.

For tea and latte folks, this higher mug keeps the frothed milk floating and not melting into the rest of your drink. Plus, the aesthetic is very good.

If you want good and fun ceramics for any part of your home, look to Rory Pots. The series of mugs with hands—some giving the finger, some hugging—are quippy and necessary.

Recognized by MoMA as icons of modern design, and now they can live in your kitchen cabinet.

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24 Best Coffee Mugs 2024 - Cool Mugs to Use at Home

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