17 Best Dining Chairs 2024 — Chic, Modern Dining Chairs and Sets

You deserve to dine in style, dear reader.

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17 Best Dining Chairs 2024 — Chic, Modern Dining Chairs and Sets

I'm just going to go out on a limb here and say that you probably spend a significant portion of your life eating. When you're chowing down on three square meals a day, plus snacks (I know I'm not alone), you end up dedicating a fair bit of time to the activity. And that's great! I love eating! Another thing I love? Feeling cute and comfy while I eat. Which is why I think it's important that we all have chic dining chairs that are also kind to our derrières.

Lucky for you, I have dedicated a massive amount of time to finding a slew of seats that fulfill that tall order—and most of them look way more expensive than they actually are (my favorite kind of product, obv). Wanna see? I know you do. Here's a little sneak peek...

Obviously, you want to pick one (or four...or nine...) that best suits you, your lifestyle, and your dining space, so keep reading for all the nitty gritty details on all my faves. I've got options that are machine washable, can be used indoors and outdoors, cost less than a dinner out, and so. much. more. Scroll down and prepare to dine in style!

Mid-century modern and bouclé?! The trendiness is almost too much. But it's not, and this gorgeous chair is real and waiting to be placed around the table of your choosing (it could go with pretty much any finish, tbh). White bouclé is all the rage right now (and so soft on the booty, ofc), but if you're afraid of spills, it's also available in blue and olive green velvet, as well as brown vegan leather.

Simple and supportive with a faux leather twist, these chairs blend neutrals like you wouldn't believe. Grab it in the black like you see here for a bold statement, or opt for the light brown or grey options for a moodier feel. Whatever you do, make sure they're not full price when you complete your purchase, because they're often on sale.

Glowing review: Gorgeous product, beautiful wood, great quality! I was worried that the back might be too low but this chair is super comfortable and pretty easy to assemble. I absolutely love it!!!

Honestly, if I was in need of dining chairs right this very second, I would go with this gorgeous set. They're so affordable (only $100 a pop!) but look like you'd find them at a designer store for a few extra zeroes. You can also buy them as a set of nine if you've got a lil more space at the table.

Glowing review: Worth every penny and exactly as pictured! I couldn’t be happier. They’re very comfortable!

This chair has won my heart for so many reasons I'm afraid I won't possibly be able to convey them all. Let's start with the fact that the seat and back are covered with removable—and washable(!!!)— slipcovers that you can swap whenever you're looking to change things up. There are also more than 75 different slipcovers available, so you'll truly never run out of options, no matter how much your aesthetic changes.

Glowing review: I love everything about it. Assembly was easy and everything is labeled, including the slipcovers so you know what goes where and in which direction. It's a sturdy chair and I find it very comfortable—I often sit in it for hours as I use my dining room table as a desk sometimes. I also like that the slipcovers can be washed and switched out for a different look. I'm planning to get additional slipcovers now that I've experienced how easy they are to get on and off the chair.

If your dining table is a liiiittle taller than average, you might want to consider these souped-up chairs. They sit a little higher than your standard dining chair and give off major barstool vibes without being, you know, actual barstools. They're also incredibly affordable at just $130 for two, or $65 each. According to reviews, you'd never know they weren't designer.

Glowing review: These chairs are the most comfortable I have ever used. They are luxurious and a beautiful brown color. If you like them, don't hesitate to buy them, 'cause they are great.

This isn't a dining chair. This is a work of art, and I won't hear otherwise. I want one in literally every color (black, blue, cream, mostaza, taupe, and teja, if you were wondering) and my birthday is in June. That is all.

Glowing review: I love this chair!! I bought it for my vanity desk and it is perfect and enhances my modern aesthetic. It’s extremely comfortable and I highly recommend it to anyone!

If you love the look of linen (say that ten times fast lol), you'll fall hard for these chairs. The sharp lines of the wood mixed with the curves of the cushions add plenty of visual intrigue, making for the perfect mid-century modern look.

Glowing review: I am OBSESSED with these chairs! I was hesitant to buy them, but they are absolutely perfect. They’re so comfy. They were fairly easy to set up also.

Moooooove over, boring dining chairs. There's a new sheriff in this town, and it's this spotted stunner. (Sorry, I'll see myself out.) Available in black, brown, grey, and dark grey, these faux-hide chairs are bold without being too over-the-top. (You know how some furniture pieces are all you can see in a room? This isn't that.) They're also super-plush and oversized, so any guest will be comfy at your table.

Glowing review: We LOVE these chairs! They arrived so fast and were very easy to put towards. My husband is 6’5” and he is very comfortable in them. I’m only 5’5” and I am also very comfortable.

The donut-shaped backrest on this baby may look precarious, but this chair is actually super supportive. The cushions are plush and comfy while the velvet feels soft on the skin, making for a lovely dining experience every damn meal. Worth the price? I think so.

Glowing review: They look amazing—very sturdy, even for a 6'6" football player!

If you've watched HGTV, chances are you've heard of Leanne Ford (Restored by the Fords, anyone?). And if you *do* know Leanne Ford, you also know she does minimalism right. This rounded-back chair— which she designed, if that wasn't clear—is effortlessly cool and so damn chic it hurts. The white bouclé probably doesn't pair well with red wine, but hey, that's a risk I'm willing to take.

Glowing review: These chairs are everything I look for in a dining chair. Just bought a new home and we are decorating it. Everything else had to be planned around these chairs. They’re so stylish and comfy. The lead time is a little annoying, but I guess everyone just wants these chairs so bad!

I don't know what it is about this chair (maybe it's the chrome?) but something about it screams "step into my office." It's just so sleek. If your dining room/kitchen/wherever else you might eat has a modern aesthetic, I highly suggest investing in these. There are six colorways in total (I also adore the black), and reviewers say they look and feel way more expensive than they are.

Glowing review: So comfortable! Surprising, ever so slight rocker action too. Nice, solid base, but the chairs aren't heavy, so they’re easy to slide—which is an added benefit to not be worried about my wood floors.

Sometimes you have to choose affordability over everything else. If that's the case for you rn, take a peeksy at these chairs. They're two for $138—so just $69 each—but you would LITERALLY NEVER KNOW they were so budget friendly by looking at them. In fact, I think I'd pay more.

Glowing review: Nice and good quality chair! Easy to assemble.

As much as I love a good statement chair, sometimes you just need a chair that'll blend in. That's where these see-through bbs are perfect—they're completely clear, so they don't immediately draw the eye, and are armless, so you can tuck them seamlessly under any table.

Glowing review: I had my eye on this iconic type of chair for a long time. The name brand was out of stock and rather expensive, so I thought I'd give this one a try, as it's pretty much identical. And I'm very happy with it! It's more comfortable than other stacking chairs and of course it blends into any room. I love it!

This could fully be an accent chair—I mean, it's eye-catching, comfy, and downright gorge—but it's not, it's for dining in style. So if you can't get a reservation at that Michelin-starred spot you've been dreaming about, this chair will at least make you feel like you're at a fine-dining establishment (minus the $$$$ menu).

Glowing review: It is a gorgeous chair. They add just the right touch to my living room and dining room decor. I love how classy they look. They are very sturdy and are sure to last awhile.

These chairs keep me up at night they're so beautiful. If they weren't $800 a pop, I would buy a set for every single person I love. Alas, a girl can dream. I mean...the woven material! The unique shape! The natural color! The fact that it can be used indoors or out! Perfection.

Glowing review: These chairs are IT. They are gorgeous AND crazy comfortable. They are worth every penny, very quality made, very stable and sturdy—they feel almost like a [special occasion] chair. I’m excited to use them both on our screened porch and to bring indoors as needed around our dining table when we need overflow seating. A++++

Simple patios call for simple patio furniture, and this white-on-black dining chair is just begging to be a part of your chic al fresco setup. I love the minimalist look, but if you'd prefer to add some color, there are also four other finish types (pearl red, pearl beige, pearl blue, and white) and fabric colors (spectrum carbon, canvas sunflower, chartres flax, and pique gravel) to choose from.

Material: When it comes to dining chairs, material is everything. It determines a) how durable they are, b) how comfortable they are, and c) whether or not you can get any accidental stains out. Make sure you research what material your chair is made of before you press "purchase." I obviously made note of what materials each of my picks above are made from bc ily.

Price: Even if you have a million dollars to blow, you don't need to spend a million dollars on a dining chair. There are plenty of chic options at every budget, so make note of how much you want to spend on a full set before you start shopping. Remember: price doesn't always indicate quality...but you do often get what you pay for.

Size: Real talk: there's nothing worse than having to return a piece of furniture you got shipped to your door. Measure your dining table before you order your dining chairs to avoid this dilemma.

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17 Best Dining Chairs 2024 — Chic, Modern Dining Chairs and Sets

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